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The health sector has benefitted from the activities of the Institute through our community nutrition interventions, food safety awareness creation, development and promotion of technologies for weaning foods. and addressing food related health hazards through research. Some of the achievements in this area are as follows:

Food Safety:

Food safety awareness has been created through screening of raw and processed foods for mycotoxins, heavy metal contamination, agrochemical residues, pathogens etc., and advice given on preventive measures.

Safety of Street Foods:

The extent of hazards from heavy metals and microbiological contamination in street foods in Accra has been evaluated and the sources of some of the heavy metal and microbiological contaminations identified. Economically viable and socially acceptable control measures for reducing the hazards to acceptable levels have been determined and verified. Consultative document on street foods has been completed and disseminated to lawmakers/ regulatory bodies, enforcement agencies, NGOs and other appropriate ministries.

Improved Nutritional Status of Rural Communities:

The nutritional and health status of some farming communities have been improved through development and extension of household legume processing and utilization technoloqies.

Biological Degradation of Aflatoxins:

In collaboration with other scientists from Germany and Nigeria, the Institute has been able to isolate and identify an organism that is able to break down aflatoxin.

Food Research Institute is located Adjacent to Ghana Standards Authority, Near Gulf House, Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, Accra, Ghana. We are open to the general public from Monday to Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm, excluding holidays. If you need any additional information or have a question, please contact us on 0302-962068/+233-243302980 or email us at info@foodresearchgh.org or director@foodresearchgh.org.

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